Lectio Divina: Reading in the Lumen Gloriae


Reality is a reunion of the What and the How in the theatre of human consciousness after a provisional separation as an accident of the human sensory organisation. Every essence clothes itself in accidents as a condition for its appearance to the senses. The latter appears outwardly and invokes the former, which appears inwardly. The unassuming activity of reading this very sentence exemplifies this process, since arbitrary scratchmarks confront the reader from without but they summon relevant interpretation from within. Intelligence is inter (“within, between”) + legere (“to read, to chose”). Thus, while the senses convey exclusively sensory content, the latter serve as summons, or letters, within which one reads the immaterial essence, or meaning.

In the activity of mathesis (i.e. of which mathematics are the most common form), accidents are obsolete while the essences appear naked and transparent to cognition. I understand mathesis was a precondition for entry into Plato’s school. Unlike the pseudo-Aristotelean endeavour of Empiricism, which conceives of knowledge extensively and thus establishes the conditions for a sharp subject-object dualism, mathematical knowledge is always intensive. I take this to be an healthy departure point for philosophy, since an Empirical mindset all to easily devolves into a post-Kantian solipsism that thinks up unthinkables and then laments such limits of knowledge. In intensive comprehension, one does not seek knowledge outside of the object of inquiry, which in turn is not outside of the subject who inquires.

Originally published in September 2017 on the Lizard-press, which is to Theoria-press as Zeus is to Athena.

Thanks to Rudolf Steiner, Thomas Aquinas, and A. N. Whitehead, and all sentient beings

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