Calendar of the Soul III


“Calendar of the Soul”—Rudolf Steiner’s 52 Verses for the Year
Third Week of the Year
Below is Dr Steiner’s original verse followed by my translation into English.

Es spricht zum Weltenall,
Sich selbst vergessend
Und seines Urstands eingedenk,
Des Menschen wachsend Ich:
In dir, befreiend mich
Aus meiner Eigenheiten Fessel,
Ergründe ich mein echtes Wesen.


These words, to the world expanse,
Out of present-moment self-forgetting,
(As of an echo from time’s furthest distance)
Speaks the ever-evolving human I:
“In your vastness, after manumitting
Me from the clutches of my own self,
I discover my true essence.”


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