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At no other time in recorded history has mankind possessed such power for general annihilation. Technological advancement enables a myriad human activities, including those of genocide & self-destruction. Naturally we must appreciate modern dentistry & spaceships as wonderful conveniences. Nevertheless, the destructive potential of technology dictates that this enterprise is a volatile one. Evidently, a moral evolution must transpire in direct proportion to the technological one if our civilisation is to endure. Otherwise, anthropological investigations in the far distant future will compare the budding human race to a child who received a chain-saw for his sixth birthday, or a nuclear warhead, & hoist itself with’s own petard. Material progress will not deliver us from this threat—only moral progress. Let us then inquire into the nature of moral progress. We will begin this inquiry with a brief survey of our circumstances & the historical process that caused them.

Religion & law have…

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  1. Have you read Hans Jonas?


    1. Max Leyf says:

      No, thank you for the recommendation.


      1. Oh, you’ll love him.


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