Calendar of the Soul XLIX

“Calendar of the Soul”—Rudolf Steiner’s 52 Verses for the Year
∇ Forty-ninth Week of the Year ∆
Below is Dr Steiner’s original verse followed by my translation into English.

Ich fühle Kraft des Weltenseins:
So spricht Gedankenklarheit,
Gedenkend eignen Geistes Wachsen
In finstern Weltennächten,
Und neigt dem nahen Weltentage
Des Innern Hoffnungsstrahlen.


The world-Lógos, from within me speaks
Resounding in full clarity and power:
‘The heart is tending in its deepest bower
The light wherefore the sleeping world seeks
So even in the darkling cosmic hour,
The golden glow on yonder hills and peaks.’

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  1. Hesiod says:

    Could be from Steiner’s cultural Catholicism and general Platonism, but from the few things I know and have read from him, it’s quite remarkable to see the similar outlook to the wisdom books of the Deuterocanon, which, at least for Catholics, are important for a better understanding of Christ and the linking of the spoken word to creation and life more generally.

    Thanks again for your translations.

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  2. The World-Logos from within me speaks

    That’s interesting, Max. That brings to mind Rosenstock-Huessy’s dictum that “God is the power that makes men speak, that enthuses man so that he speaketh”. That’s represented by the centre of his “cross of reality”

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    1. Max Leyf says:

      I love how Barfield captures this in Saving the Appearances:

      “in the course of the earth’s history, something like a Divine Word has been gradually clothing itself with the humanity it first gradually created—so that what was first spoken by God may eventually be respoken by man.”


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