“Before the world was made I knew her”

Before the world was made I knew her
Her joy was my completion and delight
She was my only muse and inspiration
By her breath the days were numbered
The seasons were her days and nights
For her the depths and heights were sundered
The axis of the world became her spine
To join the two in life divine
On her hair I patterned plays of sunlight
Which sparks and dances on Elysian streams
Her eyes became the sunbeams
Blithe, the world’s joy and lumination
For her form, the rolling Earth did I design
And all the trees and grasses fine
Her smile made me think of flowers
And for her soft reposes, I made the bowers
And about her heart demarked the sacred garden.

O! noble Cherub, let me enter!
The holiness of my affection be my pass!
Thou needs no longer stand as sentry
For I have found my love at last!
After world-ages spent apart
I discharge thee of thy sacred task
Only prove that I am true of heart
This last thing of thee I ask
For from all harm and evils I will guard her
Even from mine own most vicious parts
I shall vanquish them in joy and ardour
I will cleave them from my heart or hearts
Withal to sacrifice them on devotion’s fire
For her delight alone is my desire
To this, grant me thy flaming sword
Here I stand, that is my word.


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  1. Charles says:

    Good writing. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

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