Nine short verses, daughters of the Autumn Muses


The sunlight streams from distant spaces

To shower green with golden graces

Then the fire-spirits set the fields alight

And soon frost-giants descend with night

All enchantments withal to wither

As ice-fogs plunder hither, thither

Now the light longs to rejoin its kind

May it find release inside my mind!

And there communion too,

And so the sacred mystery renew.

The cold would hold my breath

Freeze its passage in my lungs

Constrict my sinews with its icy hands—

But there they take their stand:

And with a throb, expand

Countermanding they arrest

The ice by living fire in my breast. 

The morning air is filled with gentleness

Aurora’s curls suspended in the sky

Hanging, dangling as rosy locks of clouds

Clouds like dreams, and stars like sleepy eyes

That have yet to shake themselves from ties

That still conjoin them to the fairy night

Clouds that fangle virgin morning light

And spangle it about a pastel sky

While white doves in lazy circles fly:

The day will break upon us by and by.

The darkling season draws upon us

A mantle without fathom.

Above our heads, the sparkling stars 

Unnumbered, keep watches of the night

Sentinels over our sacred slumber

Custodians of rhyme and reason 

For us to take up again on our return.

In the sullen, bleak November

         In the dark, a shining splinter

An ember gleams within my mind

To tend it, let me remember

         And in the darkest depths of winter

Fan its warmth to humankind.

The day yearns for release,

         For the south the restive geese

                     Depart in throngs,

And the moth still longs

To lose itself in light,

And I long dissolve into the night.

Mists of winter, hover 

Covering the frozen Earth

Gliding amongst the crosses

Blanketing the dead.

The light of the sun above

          Becomes warmth in human hearts

                    And, in autumn starts

                              To shine as deeds of love

As the darkness falls

My spirit’s rising

To sojourn with stars

For revitalizing



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