Poem: “Living tabour, singing chime”

Now to you I sing: O! heart,
Ceaseless weaver of the time
You also never fail to temperately keep
Tireless of foot, lithe of love of rhyme
Living tabour, singing chime
The skies you sound and also wed
The Heavens to the Earth and Oceans deep
The limbs your bark, your captain head,
The seas of fear and gladness
To the vales of tears and sadness
In mutual accord of life, each part
You conjoin, communion is your art.
In bounds and groundless leaps
You fly—a pendulation ever between
Here and the soundless realm beyond
Heavy-laden, then soaring in the heights above
From yonder hence again returning
Forever sewing sacred bonds of love
With threads of life that’s slowly burning
Conjoining in a shining golden mean
To wed this world with the world unseen.


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