Article on Owen Barfield and the Evolution of Consciousness published in Cosmos & History Journal

“That there exists a history of thoughts represents less a question to be decided by research than an operative hypothesis or condition to undertake the majority of philosophical, theological, and scientific research in the first place. Put another way, the history of thoughts is a theory by which facts and findings of research in various disciplines may be coherently and meaningfully interpreted. Beyond the postulate that it is possible to cogently articulate a history of thoughts, however, this article intends to set forth the theory that there exists a history of thought itself, and to show that this theory can shed new light on our experience and conception of the world today. The topic of the present article, therefore, will be the evolution of consciousness, especially as articulated by Owen Barfield.”

Please find the rest of this essay in the current issue of Cosmos & History Journal, pp. 47-70.

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  1. Hesiod says:

    Thanks for sharing this Max. Wonderful article. Enjoyed reading through it very much.


  2. Charles says:

    Good writing about the importance of Barfield insights into the history of consciousness and the history of ideas. Here are a couple quotes that I appreciate.

    The manner by which participation transforms
    through history is the same as that by which consciousness evolves.

    To recapitulate, it is only in virtue of our conceptualization and representation
    of things as “external objects” that they are perceptible to us as such. It is senseless
    to think about an unrepresented world because by thinking of it, we are
    representing it.

    I agree.


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