Two Poems


Silver skies
Half-moon eyes
A salt-sea air that wafts
And caresses golden tresses
The day seeks not itself to save
It gave itself for us to have
Let us do something brave.

“…och du ger honom din längtans lätta slöja som ger fjärran blå.”

A line from a poem by Edith Södergran

You give him the light veil of your longing
That turns the distances to blue
And embraces his memories of you
In the blue of far-off mountains.
From the sacred fountain: a mist,
Rising in the sky and then returning
To blanket the slopes of Vesuvius,
Overgrown with tares and rushes
And the roses that are his hopes—
A heart that’s truly beating
Is a heart that’s bleeding
A heart that sprinkles the Earth
With holy water.

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