Video: The Invention of the Written Word and Plato’s “The Myth of Theuth”


Perhaps some readers will be interested in this lecture on Plato’s delightfully memorable telling of The Myth of Theuth” from the Phaedrus dialogue. It was recorded for the sake of my students in a Critical Thinking course at Alaska Pacific University. I welcome any comments or thoughts on the subject.



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  1. theburningheart says:

    Years ago, I had a talk with a friend, related to this issue, she talked about Montaigne, but myself a lover of the written word, argued in favor of it, as how writing debilitates memory, the irony of it, if not because Plato put on writing, we will not even know about it, today.

    Your video it’s nice and interesting, here a post I wrote after the conversation with that friend;

    Best wishes Max. 🙂


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