Video Lecture: On the Myth of Prometheus, Technology, and Archetypal Fire

Some readers may be interested in a lecture on The Myth of Prometheus, technology, and archetypal fire. It was recorded for the sake of my students in a Critical Thinking course at Alaska Pacific University. I welcome any comments or thoughts on the subject.



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  1. theburningheart says:

    The old Alchemist put it this way: Igne natura renovatur integra.
    And associate it with the INRI sign on top of the Cross.

    “By fire nature is completely renewed.”

    And fire also the symbol of Spirit, the fire that animate every living creature, and by analogy once the Spirit gone, it means death, the body turns cold, and decomposition begins, and transform.

    And many other analogies that follow, as you expressed on the video.

    Thank you.😊

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    1. Max Leyf says:

      “God is an all-consuming fire”


  2. Great lecture, Max. I really got a lot out of it. Is there a connection between Prometheus’ fire theft and the eagle stealing his liver? It’s almost as though the gods are stealing it back. And the links you make between fire, time, and transformation—the liver transforms all kinds of substances and regulates (referring to the measured change function of the Logos and time) every vital function of the body. The fact that the eagle returns everyday to “steal” Prometheus’ liver also seems like a reference to time, although the way the liver regenerates each night alludes to something more(?)

    Anyway, I’m hooked. I want to watch every one of your videos, and I plan to share them everywhere I can. Cheers!
    – Michael Maciel

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    1. Max Leyf says:

      Thank you Michael, for the comment and the kind words. That seems just right about the liver as a symbol of fire and time and transformation. I think the fact that Hercules kills the eagle represents the disintegration and overcoming of cyclical time or eternal recurrence with the Incarnation of Christ. Chiron’s sacrifice to free Prometheus is another valence of the “symbol of symbols.” Prometheus is unbound, for better or for worse. Prometheus’ own sacrifice for humanity is yet another. “All roads lead to Calvary,” or “the Cross is the skeleton key to unlock all symbols.”

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