Time and the Archetype of “Reversal” (περιπέτεια, peripeteia) or “the Flip”


Time can be seen as change in abstraction from any concrete substance that is changing. Hence, it can be seen as “the ghost of change.” A more elaborate theory of time would have to address the relationship between this abstract measure of change and the subjective experience of change. Time could be seen as an interplay of distance and desire. Experiential time slows down in direct proportion to the product of distance and desire.

By “desire” I mean to indicate a phenomenon with which we are all intimately familiar and which might be characterized as “impatience to attain the given object against which, in the first place, the distance is measured. For everything I desire, there exists a given distance that I must traverse in order to attain it because if I already possessed something, I could not desire it and thus there would be no object to serve as a reference against which to measure my remove from it and hence no time that it would take to reach it. Hence, a null value in either of the variables voids the equation—no distance means no time and no desire means no time as well.

Put another way, infinite patience is equivalent to infinite time dilation and hence, analogous to traveling at the speed of light (Cf. Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity). At the toll-booth to eternity, the price is your desire. Aye, there’s the “flip” or peripeteia (περιπέτεια). It has always been known that desire warps space-time (Cf. Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity) and the above presents a theoretical elaboration on this phenomenon).

Photo by Dimitry Anikin on Pexels.com

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  1. Love your concept of “infinite patience.” “The best things come to those who wait,” the “long-suffering ‘saint’ archetype; etc.

    Such concepts exist for a reason.

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