I have issued the inaugural post at the renewal of Theoria-press.

I would like to welcome all readers—under this first New Moon of Spring—to the inauguration of this journey. This journey is, in many ways, a continuation of the path that was traversed at the WordPress site. But this also represents a new beginning. In this way, I intend the new iteration of Theoria-press to be an evolution and not a departure or a revolution from its ancestor. That’s because the selfsame task abides: to transform our means of seeing to the end of seeing, which is an apprehension of the truth of things. The flowers carry forward their perennial task by beginning anew each spring. In the same way, I hope to carry forward the enduring spirit of Theoria-press by grafting its scion to this new Substock.

In my Rolfing practice (though I am obliged to address any acute questions or concerns that may be present from the outset of a session) I have discovered that the most effective introduction to the task is achieved through a retrospect on what has already been accomplished. Similarly, it would be comparatively futile to explain the flavor of a tangerine if it were possible to merely take a bite of it. For this reason, I am inclined simply to dive in to the subject matter at hand and trust that the meaning and spirit of the journey will show itself, upon reflection, to have been serving as a guiding presence from the very start, assisting us in the task of transforming what we see by transforming how we see by transforming why we look by transforming who we are.

Theoria (from the Greek θεωρία, thea “a view, a sight” + horan “to see”) is the term I have settled on to designate the energy and experience of vision. The discovery of a conceptual, intelligible, or noetic essence that is already present in everything perceptual is an entry point into theoria. It’s connection to the familiar English word “theory” will be apparent and for this reason, I present a brief inquiry into the term below.

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