October 2020: I am currently teaching a course on Critical Thinking for a university in Anchorage, Alaska (under the Shadow of the Crown so all courses are virtual) and here is a recent lecture. I will be uploading weekly lectures through December. They will all be available on the YouTube page link below the video. On June 2, 2020, I successful defended my dissertation titled “The Redemption of Thinking: A Study in Truth, Knowledge, and the Evolution of Consciousness with Special Reference to Goethe, Barfield, & Steiner” for the title of Doctor of Philosophy from the California Institute of Integral Studies and I offer a recording of the proceedings to anyone who has interest:
Like everyone, I have found myself impelled to undertake things I would not have expected before the Corona phenomenon. One thing this has meant for me is finding new ways to sustain connection and communication with students and also patients (my “day job” is as a Rolfer) by recording video lectures and uploading them to YouTube. I have renovated Theoria-press with a new wing to house these latest additions. I am sharing them here because their content is congenial to that of the rest of the site. In fact, the videos are literally homogeneous to the writings on Theoria-press because their father is the same. One video is below and the others are available from the same channel, for anyone who is interested to find them. Warmly, Max Leyf